My name is Mark Williams,

developer and community manager.

Let's build your next customer success story!

Headshot of Mark on a black background.


I like to build things.

As a developer, I like the difficult problems, those that require deep thought but help people save seconds, minutes and hours off their day. Removing complexity is remarkably complex but immensely important. I am skilled in Node, React/Redux, CSS, HTML, Objective-C and Swift. I am familiar with internationalization and accessibility and why they are important.

As a community builder I have over 10 years of online community management experience with large and small communities in both corporate and non-profit spaces. I am versed in all facets of community building, including: day to day management, vendor and platform selection and management, legal and sociological requirements, and gamification and cross-social interactions. I am an advocate for community as an integral part of the full customer experience.

In addition to programming and community management, I enjoy taking the stage to present interesting topics which speak to my interests and passions.

In an alternative timeline, there is a version of me happily passing the hours building furniture.


Social, not Social

Private blogging site where users can post a status message and then send it to Facebook and or to multiple email addresses. React front end, Nodejs backend with PostgreSQL and Redis for storage.

Calm comments

A basic chat system with a twist. All new and updated posts are sequestered for up to 5 minutes. After 5 minutes is up, posts are broadcasted through socket.io to all connected clients. React front end, Nodejs backend with PostgreSQL and Redis for storage.

Wiki Walkback

Wikipedia search using Wikipedia API & React and Redux Framework.

Orphic Oracle

Search MusicBrainz and YouTube for information about songs. jQuery, Javascript and CSS.


Password creation utility for Mac and iOS. Swift and Objective-C. Commercial.

Password experiment

An experiment using NIST and OWASP password recommendations, and NNGroup and accessibility user experience guidelines on password fields. jQuery, Javascript and CSS.